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Men’s jeans form the foundation of contemporary wardrobes. Whether tailored or super skinny; straight or slim; biker or destroyed, the collection caters to every style and silhouette, proving a basic compliment to smart-casual ensembles.

Color: Blue

***Fit true to size, please refer the right size on the chart below:

Size Info (measurement in cm):
S    Waist 70    Hips 102    Length 97   
M    Waist 74    Hips 106    Length 98
L    Waist 78    Hips 110    Length 99
XL    Waist 82    Hips 114    Length 100
2XL    Waist 86    Hips 118    Length 101
3XL    Waist 90    Hips 122    Length 101
4XL    Waist 94    Hips 126    Length 102